Monday, July 8, 2013

More little things

So, here's a better look at that new ceiling fan and peak trim board in the living room:

And the last few window casings are in:

(except in the Master bedroom and bathroom....  but don't hold your breath for finish work in there!)   I love that every piece of the window casings is home made, from tree to installation.

The main floor bathroom fan/light/night light is all hooked up and ready to go:

We have a handful of little things left to do in the bathroom, but it's functional, at least.  And in the world of bathrooms, it's all about function, eh?  

Stay tuned for more exciting "little things!"   It's all PROGRESS in my book!


Janet said...

You must be so excited...functioning bathroom, lights! All these little things make a big difference! And the windows, by the way, look beautiful! Amazing work you're all doing!

Anne said...

Thanks, Janet!