Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chimney facing

So, I was wrong.

What?  It's happened on occasion. In this case, I predicted that it would be a goodly while before more facing appeared on the chimney.  Wrong.  There has been a whole lotta stone facing going on!

July 24, 2013  
The Hubs and Doug-the-mason catch a break and get unseasonably cool weather

July 25, 2013
Look how fast they're making progress!

Just a cool/weird angle 


Since the exterior facing will be finished any day now, I am turning my attention to the interior facing.  Originally, since Bob and I had different preferences for the style of stone facing, we'd agreed that the interior and exterior facing would be different:  he would choose the exterior and I the interior.   I like the flat look better, but now I don't know.  Not that the interior will be faced any time soon.  We're talking next year at the earliest. 

Still....  a girl can plan...  

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Anonymous said...

I am SO impressed, Anne, Hubs, and Doug-the-mason!