Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friends and greens

We've had (and will continue to have) an exceptionally friend- and family-visit-filled summer.  High school friends, college friends, moved-away friends, and Marine Corps friends have all come to Casa de Log... and the summer's only half done!

Our token Vegetarian friend, Joaaaaannnnne (a former Marine Corps co-worker of The Hubs) got to experience a little bit of veggie-eating heaven last week when we raided my father's garden.

Yep, she's coming along nicely, eh?   The garden, I mean.  Not Joanne.   Although she's great too.

Joanne cuts the squash.  Or zucchini.  Same diff.

Pop loads Dave (also an old Marine buddy) up with veggies.

Dave and Joanne try to identify the herbs by smell.

It's been a few years since we've seen them.  Our Boy and their Girl were babies together.  *sniff*   Now they're giants.  I'm trying to cope.

But I digress.

Here's a shot of the bounty we swiped from Pop's garden and proceeded to devour:

Yes, the eagle-eyed among you are correct:  our salad included nasturtium.  Nasturtiums?   Nasturtii?  What's the plural here?

Anyway, our salad included these tasty flowers.  And also sugar snap peas, green onions, red onions, chives, at least three types of lettuce, kale, cress, two types of basil, and whatever else my father could pile in our bags.  We also grilled the squash and zuccs for some added yumminess.  It was a very green meal.

And the next day was an all-cheese dinner.  Because, why not?

Friends are great.

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