Sunday, March 3, 2013

Priming the ceiling

After The Girl and I made Green Eggs and .... {sausage} yesterday, we all went up to The Lake to work on the living room ceiling.

Bob churns the butter... er, the bucket of primer.  

... while Anne holds all the many painting implements.  
(Photographic genius courtesy of The Boy, this time)

The Hubs does the neck-cricking parts...

While I cut in around the edges.  (Like how I used fancy painting talk there?)

The Girl "helped"....

.... for about 2 seconds.

Thanks to our zealous photographer, we have 35 pictures of us priming half the ceiling, including this gem:

Yes, that's the inside of the bucket of primer.  
We'll need to have a wee talk with the lad about what it's just NOT necessary to photograph...

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