Thursday, March 28, 2013

Drip, thunk

As soon as our lovely sweet sap started to drip two weeks ago, the weather turned COLD again and those drips turned into sapsicles.  So no sweet sounds, just the occasional THUNK of a frozen sapsicle falling off into a bucket.


I'm pretty sure that we had a return of winter weather because we have family coming up from the South next week who were praying for an extension of the syrup season so they could help with whole maple-y process!   Thanks, guys.

So, in the meantime, we did a little of this:

But -- never fear!   Temps are on their way back up and the snow is melting away again.  Yesterday, The Hubs and his father (who is FINALLY back from Florida, the no-good-dirty-retirement-enjoying-guy) collected about 75 gallons of sap!   Today, the kids are helping him haul in the rest of the buckets, since the school district cashed in an unused snow day for an extra day of vacation.

Lucky ducks.

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