Saturday, March 2, 2013

On Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Instead of dashing up to The Lake on this fine Saturday morning, The Girl and I took some time to make a memory and help reinforce that reverence of the Written Word that nerdy families like us tend to have.

We made Green Eggs and ...  well, sausage.  But that's not the point.

The Girl (wearing her Cat-in-the-Hat hat she made in Kindergarten yesterday) cracks the eggs...

.... and adds the green food coloring to the cream...

.... and beats those eggs.  Beat them!  Beat them!  

... and adds green goo to perfectly respectable eggs.  I can't believe she didn't utterly refuse to eat the final product after having done this.  

... and this.  

And we have Green Eggs!!  Great culinary success it is not, but The Girl was delighted.  

And The Husband's eggs?  In the shape of a tree.  

Green Eggs and Lorax, I guess.  Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss.



Anonymous said...

It is really neat to make memories like that.
I was surprised when I saw the last photo. We have a plate exactly like that. Underneath the eggs (or leaves on the tree) is a birdhouse. There are three red hearts on it and four round entrances for the birds; two up, two down.
I thought that was quite cool.

Anne said...

Cool, Joe! Someone else said the same thing about the plate pattern! =)