Saturday, March 9, 2013

Check, check, check....

It's that time of year again!

It is a gorgeous Pre-Spring day here in the North Country, so we took the snow sled up to the sugarbush to do a little sap check.

But it's just not warm enough up at The Lake yet for the sap to run too much.  Oh, the sap is dripping, but it certainly is not gushing yet like it is in some lower elevations.  So, we didn't empty any buckets, but we did get some nice time together in the woods.   Except The Boy.  He's hanging out in a friend's hot tub today.   Sheesh.

No matter.  The Girl got to pretend she was a fearless snowmobile racer.

And go for a walk with Mommy and Daddy:

And Bob got to spend some time with his True Love.

Oh, and me too.  I was also there.  

Just kidding!  He qualified his "one true love" comment by saying sugaring is actually about third on the list.  And, being a wise woman, I did not ask him what the others were on the list.  I will blithely believe I am both #1 and #2 on his list of "true loves."  I do not need clarification.

But, I'm pretty sure logs and good beer are somewhere near the top too.

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