Saturday, August 28, 2010

New roof (not ours)

What you may not know about The Husband's work, is that he is the third generation in his family business on The Lake.  The business was started by his great-uncle, and although the nature of the business has shifted from a full-service marina with store and boat-repair to construction and property management, the old marina building still stands. 

However, it is over 60 years old and needs some work.  You can see the slightly darker gray corner and new overhead door from some repairs made a couple of summers ago, but there's a lot more work to be done.  But, before any more major renovation work can be made to the marina, it needs a new roof.  So, The Hubs, FIL and Johnny set to work re-doing the roof this past week.  Once it no longer seeps moisture directly into the marina, the rest of the repairs will make more sense. 

And Bob has promised me they'll move most of the stuff being stored in the basement of our log house into the newly dry marina. 

I don't even live there yet, and the basement is full.  

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