Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our friends Matt & Liz from our old life in Merry-land visited us this weekend.  *sigh* We love them.   Anyway, it was a short visit, but we managed to force a trip up to see the log house, as we do with anyone we can wrestle into it. 

We showed them the gassification wood boiler

I made Bob pose for a picture with them by the southeast corner of the house:

They discussed chimneys and spiders and such:

And then The Hubs geeked out on them wood-wise and showed Matt how to use the sawmill:

Here Matt tries his hand (it actually takes closer to 4 minutes to mill one board, not including positioning, but I truncated it a bit ...zzzzzz...):

I've known it for years, but Matt and Liz now think of Bob like this, apparently:


a Tonggu Momma said...

We haven't seen them in MONTHS and they travel all the way THERE? Harrumph. But I'm glad you got to see them anyways. Really.

matt said...

Ha, but i did get to talk with Rick on the phone for about 20 minutes last month. We'll get together soon!