Thursday, August 5, 2010

We introduce a new series.... at At Home in Logs we like to call: 

What's getting in the way of the house build this week?

That's right folks!  We're deep into family gathering season, and this week's log-interrupticus is...

{drumroll, please}

A trip to Alexandria Bay!   (and not even during the Pirate Days)

Baby M and GirlCousin

Bob and Rrrrrrrrick!

So, we're at Boldt Castle and all the kids want to do is run around screaming and climbing on everything like the hooligans they are.  This picture captures the day perfectly:
1) Kids climbing on stone base of lamppost on edge of St. Lawrence River
2) Grandma and Uncle Bob/Daddy scolding at right
3) Boldt Castle employee in white, upper right, charging down the path to ask the kids, for pity's sake, not to do that!

Baby M, with her back to glorious setting sun over the St. Lawrence....  that's right:  playing with the rocks. 

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