Thursday, August 12, 2010

More floorboards

Darn that Husband and his "from-scratch-do-it-yourself-crazy-woodsman" ways!   Instead of building me ...oh... stairs, he's milling and planing his own floor boards now.  He says this particular batch (planed yesterday, milled a couple of years ago from spruce trees felled on the property) is destined for the second story floor. 

Actually, as the hubs reminded me, these boards will be both floor and ceiling, since they'll cover the floor joists from above, but will be visible between those log joists from below.  "Old School," he says.  Then he muses (particularly voluble for so early in the a.m.), "It's taking me about a half-hour to do each of these boards, from limbing the tree with a chainsaw, to dragging it out of the woods and throwing it on the mill and then letting it dry for however long, and then planing it....   and I'm using POWER tools!"  

Bob's Lesson of the Day:   increased respect for our forebears of 200 years ago. 

Anne's Lesson of the Day:   patience in the face of floorboards.  Which each. take. 1/2 hour. to. make.     Erg! No wonder I don't have stairs yet.

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