Thursday, June 14, 2012


I can't be bothered to go back and look for it, but several posts ago, a commenter asked about the paint colors of each room.   You'll remember the rough sketch I drew of the first floor layout, right?

The living room, is, of course, log on two sides.  The wall it shares with the dining room is really just a half-wall, and will be half-round log.  The side of the staircase will have wainscoting.  

The dining room will be two shades of blue on the 1 1/2 walls that are drywalled.  We've sanded and primed that room, but haven't started painting yet. 

The arctic entry has been sanded by yours truly, sanding slave girl, and QA'd by The Hubs. 

The bedroom is a sage-y green, and has two coats of paint on it, but we think it needs a third.

The hallway is a light tan color.  The ceiling is painted and FIL Jim has started in on the walls.

Here's Bob putting a second coat on the bathroom ceiling last Saturday.  We're all done painting in there, I think.  The walls are a light cream.

The kitchen will be a nice yummy tomato red... but it's not even sanded yet, so it'll be a while on that one.  Don't hold your breath.

The upstairs bathroom is the same color as the downstairs bathroom, and our bedroom will be tan.  Brown brown brown!  I love brown!

You know what's weird?  In reality, the House has way more drywall in it that either Bob or I had envisioned.  Not that it's different than we'd planned, or we don't like it.... it's just that we've been dwelling on log walls and wood floors and exposed log joists for so long, that so much drywall seems incongruous.  I'm the one who pushed for drywalled bathrooms and kitchen, since scrubbing logs in those rooms just doesn't appeal to me... so I expected a modern, clean look in those rooms.  But all those walls in the other rooms?   It shocks us a little, I guess.

Anywho, I think I'll be sanding and priming and painting for another month or so.  It's good to be useful.

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