Monday, December 20, 2010


So, I feel like giving a wee tour.   Probably long overdue.    Although, the Hubs just walked by and said, "Great!  Now everyone will walk right in our house and say, 'oh, I know where the bathroom is!'"   Exactly.  When you come to our house (you ARE coming to visit our house, aren't you?), don't expect me to show you to the can.  Find it yourself, folks.   ANYWAY...

Please forgive my crude floorplan.  It's totally NOT to scale. 

So, when you walk through the front door, you'll be in our arctic entryway.  Please shut the door behind you.  It's cold out.  Yes, even in July. 

As you walk through to the living room, the stairs to go up will be on your right.  You can't go up there; it's my bedroom, and it SO isn't clean.  Well, it's quite clean now, considering there's no floor, but I'd imagine I won't be breaking 35 years of habit and be keeping my bedroom spotless in this house either.  But I digress.

This picture is a view from the kitchen looking toward the living room and dining room.  Bob is standing roughly to the left of the dividing wall.  The stairs (!) to go down to the basement are at left in the foreground.  Again, the chimney and fireplace are blocked by the boards standing up against them (at left).

This next picture is taken from the far corner of the spare bedroom, looking diagonally across the house toward the front door:

This picture is taken from the hallway, with the back door at my back.  I am looking down the hall with the kitchen at my left and the dining room at my right.  That saw in the hall has gotta go. 

And this last one is of The Hubs sanding boards.  He's standing right where the half-wall will be between the living and dining rooms.  You can see the wall between the dining room and spare bedroom framed up in the background. 

So there.  Now when you come to visit (you ARE coming to visit, aren't you?) you can help yourself and I won't have to get up from my permanent place in front of the fire. 

The end.


Tammi said...

Love it. Now I won't need to use the woods.

Kristi said...

I'll come visit you! I hope you still plan to host stampin' up even after you move in.?. Seriously though, your new house is gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it done and I'll try to remember where the toilet is, but I get lost in the mall so I can't make any guarentees...