Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arctic Entryway

Our friend Alaska Dave (that's Cale to you) said in his neck of the woods they call our entry room/mud room/front hall/foy-aaaaay an "arctic entryway."   SOLD!   I like it. 

Here's The Intrepid Stair-Building Husband posing (to his intense discomfort) for a quick photo in the doorway between the arctic entryway and the living room. 

Hello, Husband.

Are those....  stairs just off to the left of the photo by any chance?  Yes, they are?  Mmmmm....   wonderful.   

1 comment:

Cedar ... said...

hee hee.... you said much to his discomfort,... I think his eyes say it all! Your home is coming along nicely! In by next Christmas?