Saturday, June 2, 2012

All Primed Up... and Somewhere to "Go"

All that sanding and sanding paid off!  We spent the whole day up at Our Log House and primed, primed, PRIMED those walls and ceiling.  No, not ceilings.  Remember that the spare bedroom and dining room have log and board ceilings!   Plus, FIL Jim primed the downstairs bathroom yesterday.  He had a few spare minutes and rather than sit idle....  *shakes head*

And THIS time, by "we" I include myself!   {Yes, yes.... stop chuckling and imagining all sorts of catastrophes.}

So....  Bob and I and the kids, plus my mother, my Aunt Pam (who DROVE UP FROM SKANEATELES TO HELP PAINT THIS WEEKEND!!!), & FIL Jim spent the day knocking out some major tasks at the ol' loggy home.  (Johnny also gave us his Saturday morning, but more on that later.)   Pam actually came up yesterday, and we spent several hours in the afternoon finishing up the sanding and vacuuming, so that today we could get right to the priming.  Except that we still had to wipe down several of the walls first thing.   But THEN we got right to the priming!

MamaCathie primes spare bedroom closet

... and the hall ceiling

Aunt Pam does the hard part

In fact, we gave Pam ALL the hard parts.  Nice, eh?

Even the babies got in on the action!   With no major incidents, I might add.  They were enthusiastic and every bit as skilled as I was.   Ahem.

And The Hubs, when he was done with his morning project, took over some of the trickier bits:

And, of course, FIL Jim:

And all of that is so very VERY EXCITING that I can hardly stand it.... but the icing on the cake?  The piece de resistance?  The *muah*?


Bob, etc. have been working all week to hook up the gray water and fresh water...

And the project that Bob, Jim and Johnny were finishing up this morning?

And I used it.  

Yes-siree-bob!  I am now the proud owner of a functioning potty!  I'm not sure how to express my joy without sounding insincere and sarcastic....     because I'm really THAT excited about it!

I'm moving in.   Just try to stop me.


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