Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bye-Bye Pee-Pee

I was going to have a guest post by Bob the Log Builder, but he got too grumpy after one sentence and refused to go on. C'est la vie. So, I grilled him about what he did yesterday and today and here's the story.

We've now moved on to the less savory aspects of building our log house, such as disposing of our *ahem* waste products. That's right, baby. It's leach field time.

Anne: What did you do today? Dug the leach field, right? Give me some details to work with here... I can't very well say "Hey. We dug a leach field. The End."
Bob: We laid a pipe back into the woods a ways where there was a natural corridor with no trees, and hired a small track-hoe to dig a trench to lay our leach field in.
Anne: What's a leach field?
Bob: *sigh* A leach field is the trench that you lay perforated pipe and small stones or gravel in. This allows waste water (like showers, sinks and toilets) to percolate efficiently into the ground.
Anne: Oh.
Bob: And make sure you say that I didn't use pyramid pipe! I'd rather pay for some rock and labor than pay some oil company for a whole lotta plastic!
Anne: Wow - what does that mean?
Bob: It's a plumbing thing.

So there, gentle readers, is a peek into the scintillating conversation around here at At Home In Logs.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

It totally went over my head. Probably because it was about The Head.