Saturday, July 11, 2009

The middle of nowhere

It's my mother's birthday today. She loves to go on little adventures with family, so that's just what we did this morning. And boy! did we strike gold. I'm hesitant to even write about this little gem of a park we found out in the middle of nowhere, since I'm sure everyone will rush over there and it will be over-run with people before long. I figure I'm safe, though, since only 3 people read this blog anyway.

So my mother and I and the two grublets hopped in the car this morning with a picnic lunch and went exploring. We drove and drove back roads and ended up in Skerry. Betcha don't know where Skerry is. It's in the town of Brandon in Franklin County. Ohhhh.... Clears it right up for you, eh? It's in the middle of nowhere - although not for the people who live there, of course. It's a nice wee hamlet. We happened upon the little municipal park and oh, baby: my idea of park heaven. No one there but us, a brook running by the fire pits and picnic tables, and a little foot bridge. *sigh*

See for yourself:

Happy Birthday, Mom.


David said...

I'll let the whole of the UK know, and we'll be over next weekend. Okay?

Concrete Anne Arundel County, MD said...

Such a beautiful place!


Rick and Dianne said...

Surprise! I actually know where Skeery is, but I will keep your secret.

I've been following here for a few months, having run across your blog via Shelley's. I love what you are doing!

Anne said...

Welcome, Rick & Dianne --
I checked out your blog, and I like what you're doing too!