Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drywalling Partay!

I know I often give the impression that The Hubs is building Our Log House single-handed, and while it is his labor of love, there are certainly others who have put in hard work to make our home a reality.  His father, Jim, is his constant companion in this adventure in log, toiling alongside Bob daily.   Friends like Paul, Rob, Craig, Dave and Al and coworkers John and Chris have built this and that bit of our home too.  My mother pitched in to scrub some logs, Josh and Chris B. hand-peeled logs that first summer, and who could forget the mass of coworkers who helped get our foundation poured?

 So, what I'm saying is, The Hubs and I are grateful for everyone who is helping build our house with us.

Yesterday and today, Chris, Ernie and Not-the-Hubs-Bob have been installing sheetrock on the non-log ceilings and the few remaining interior walls.   It's a par-tay!

It's looking good!  Thanks, guys!

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So exciting!