Monday, October 5, 2009

More in "Anne of East Gables"

Sorry, L.M. Montgomery.

The piecework of fitting logs to the open triangle that is our east gable end of the house is an arduous process.  (That's what I hear anyway --  as always, my role here in this adventure into log insanity is to simply to chronicle and appreciate.  And dump sawdust out of The Husband's coat pockets.)   Because we chose angled windows for that space, the logs that are becoming the wall into which the windows will fit all need to be angled too.   The air is a bit blue around the house these days.  Best not to take your delicate ears near.

Yesterday I presented a pic of a tiny angled log being routed.  Here's our wee log being fit into place:

First  -  the gable such as it was Friday lunchish (what lovely soffitting you have, my dear!):

And here's Bob and Chris fitting our wee angled log into place:

Stay tuned tomorrow for my wifely chastisement of foolhardy practices.

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