Friday, May 11, 2012


Oh. my. GOSH you guys!  You will not believe the difference all that drywall makes in the house!!  I took a quick trip up to the new house this afternoon and gawked at it all.   It's insane.  Those little camera-phone pix that The Husband sent to me and I posted Tuesday don't even do it justice!  And the pix I'm posting today will only give a taste of what it's like to stand in the house with all the walls and ceiling done.   Well, done-ish.   But STILL!

Arctic Entry

Hallway - facing back door - spare 'oom door first on left, hall closet second on left, bathroom on right

Spare 'oom closet and (R) door to hall

Living room ceiling

Kitchen -  refrigerator will go on right

It's so neat to stand in the rooms and have them be separate rooms now!  And the living room is so much brighter with a light-colored ceiling.  There's only a little bit of drywall left to be installed, on the rear wall of the master bedroom and the outside (bedroom-side) of the master bath walls.  Now it's time for taping, mudding, sanding, priming and PAINTING!   Woo!   At least the big ceiling will get painted now... some walls/ceilings may wait a while.

Wait.   That means I'll have to start doing some manual labor soon.  Oh, nuts.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode:  "Anne dodges her fair share of work."

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Looking great!