Monday, August 8, 2011

Kitchen walls

The Husband came home from work today and sat in the driveway a minute, so, since I'm nosy I demanded an explanation. 
"Husband," I says, "Were you napping in the driveway just now?"  (not an unprecedented occurance)
"Well, what were you doing?  Talking on the phone?"  (yes, I'm this persistant and bothersome)
[Lengthy pause.]   "I was sending a picture from my phone....  to your email."

There is usually only one thing he takes pictures of with his phone and sends to my email. 

That's right. 

I jumped up and took off for my laptop and downloaded these beauties:

That's the kitchen!!  With DRYWALL up! 

Let's check the shriek-o-meter, shall we?

I'd say this is a SQUEAL!!!!

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Rick from MD said...

sweeeeet !!!