Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where's my sleeping bag?

Ethel, this is the big one.  That's it - I'm done.  There's nothing else to live for.   I am a the proud owner of - count 'em - TWO sets of stairs. 




And I walked 'em today!    I know!!!

They have construction treads on them, not their final good-lookin' treads, and it'll be a while before they're complete, but they ARE STAIRS.

So, I'm going to find my pillow and sleeping bag....   'cause I'm moving in.  Okay, so there's no plumbing.  Or furniture.  Details, details. 

But let me just say this:

STAIRS!    *Squeal!* 
You just want to walk on my stairs.  Admit it. 

1 comment:

Carol McClain said...

It is looking good. Someday you will hear no hospital sirens, Ms. Librarian.