Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cart before the horse?

Sunflowerakb is right!  The new hole on the outside of the house is indeed a vent -- for this handy-dandy new over-the-range microwave. 

It does seem a bit premature to have the microwave already, when we don't have anything else in the kitchen.... 

But before the counters and cupboards and large appliances go in, the wiring, ductwork, plumbing, etc needs to be installed.  And that includes microwave vent holes.  Which you need to have the microwave for. 

Stay tuned for other excitement around here at At Home in Logs, like...  me mopping the floor.   Actually, I did contribute my wee little bit last week, but there are no pictures to prove it, so you just have to take my bloggy word for it. 

You remember Bob sanded the upstairs floor a few weeks ago?  After the dust settled, he vacuumed.  And then blew the dust off of the walls and ceiling... and vacuumed again.   And then I came in and vacuumed the floor AGAIN, and then mopped it in preparation for finishing.  So now I tapped in The Hubs and he will wipe it down with a tack-cloth and seal that lovely floor.   Of that I do hope to have pictures for you soon. 

If only people on The Lake would just quit asking for their camps to be opened and docks repaired, I might have a log house!  *sigh* 

{You do recognize sarcasm, don't you?  Of course I'm grateful that the family business is flourishing.  If it could just flourish a *bit* more so The Hubs could build the house....  }

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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I so understand your impatience. The summer we built our cabin went on forever. Every night after work I would come up to the cabin and stain the logs. I didn't think we would ever move in. Hopefully it will go fast from here on out. My thoughts are with you.