Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Father's Day

Before church squirrel-watching:

Cook-out at The Lake with Bob's parents:

Picked wildflowers:

Canoe ride:

Dinner and campfire at my parents' house:

As we drove home after this very wonderful, very full day, The Husband and I mused that we are blessed beyond measure to have both sets of parents so close that we can visit both in a day, with such enjoyment and no hesitation that such a day as this would bring anything but unmitigated happiness.  It is one of the main reasons we have not regretted for one day our moving from the Maryland suburbs back "home" to Northern NY.  There are things....  well, mostly people, honestly... that we miss about the other places we have lived, and especially MD, but we don't regret our life here and the changes we have made to make this possible.  I reflect on this a lot, because I am a glass-half-empty person (frankly, I'm often surprised there's a glass at all, let alone with anything in it... but I digress), and often expect to find myself regretting the move, or pining for something in our old life.   So I'm surprised at my own contentment. 

Because I am content. 

I'm as shocked as you are.  Trust me. 

So, Happy Father's Day!  Here's to the men who do what is right and best for their families whether it's easy or popular or bone-crushingly, self-denyingly hard.   To my husband, the bedrock upon which our family can build.  To my father-in-law, who cares for me like his own daughter.  To my father, whose constant, steady love and example gave me the confidence and foundation on which I have built this life. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Anne and well said. You guys absolutely made the best decision for you.

Tracy said...

Looks like you had a great day! Glad you saw the glass "half full". Looking forward to simplifying ourselves and building our own cabin in northern Michigan. Fun to watch your progress!

Pam Stewart said...

Glass half full? Sounds more like it is overflowing! - Pam