Friday, May 20, 2011

Upstairs Floor, Part II

You remember the pix of the totally AWESOME floor upstairs, right?  The floor boards made by Bob's own two hands?  Well, now they're smooth as glass.  Or, well, I guess... smooth as smooth... wood. 

For the past two days, The Husband has been sanding the upstairs floor.  I'm *still* hacking up dust after helping him two days ago... I'm pretty sure he has sawdust pores now.  If he starts to resemble an Ent, I'll let you know.

Come to think of it.....

Anyway, now that the floor is complete and sanded, it can be stained and the remainder of the partition walls can be built.  Partition walls = electrical wiring.  Quite exciting progress, yes, but do you know what a finished upstairs floor also means?  Hmmmm?    STAIRS.  Yup - beautiful, walk-able STAIRS.  *sigh*  No more clumsy Anne risking her life cllimbing the blasted ladder.  I've been promised stairs in the next wee while.  (Which, in Ent-timing, may be next year, but I'm cultivating patience.)

In the meantime,
is there a chiropractor in the house?  Homeboy did a number on his neck operating that beast of a floor sander. 

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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

He has my sympathy! I used one of those darn sanders on my sister's wood floors and what a pain! I love the boards! What an achievement to make your own wood floors. Looks great!