Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Hike

We (Bob, me, The Boy, and Baby M) went on a hike today with my folks.  The river was high, the falls roaring, and the trail a tad muddy, but we had a great time.

The boys all enjoyed popping sap bubbles on Balsalm Firs.  Try it sometime -- just don't be on the wrong side of the bubble, or whoever does your laundry won't thank you. 

This easy wee hiking trail in Titusville Mountain State Forest is one of the reasons I love living in rural Northern New York.  While it is a managed forest and the trail is maintained by the DEC (Dept. of Environ. Conserv.), it does not have picnic tables or pavillions, no port-a-potties or paved trails... not even a paved road in, and no parking lot.  It's a trail through the woods.  Period.  No jog strollers, no cell service, no trash cans.  Just a path with some log foot bridges, and plenty of balsalms to pop. 

Low-maintenance.  Just like folks here. 

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