Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night, as The Husband and I drove back across the border from Montreal (where we were, sadly, dropping off our friends at the airport), we heard a sure sign of spring: peepers! Yes, as Adirondack bloggers everywhere are proclaiming, it appears that spring has finally sprung!

Here at At-Home-In-Logs, that can only mean one thing: yes-indeedy it's time to start work on the log house again! Can I get a hallelujah? Intrepid Log-Builder-Husband has changed his mind several times on what he'll work on next, but the latest decision is to finish the upper floor joists and complete the second floor. That, of course, will make cleaning the insides of the log walls easier, since we won't be on ladders quite as tall.... eh? easier?! harumph! I'm hoping to snake out of this most manual of labor tasks (I'm sure by now everyone's aware of my contentious relationship with manual labor). But, I fear I will be scrubbing log walls before long. *sigh*

Until then, I'll take long walks in the evening and listen to the sounds of spring... and plot how to get out of wall-scrubbing duty.


Cedar ... said...

I'm counting on hearing peepers here tonight too! I'm looking forward to seeing how your log home grows!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Want some help? I'll tell Barry and Kathy or Matt and Liz to head your way. BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHa! And tell the husband that I saw his sis today... again.

Shellmo said...

I love hearing peepers! (I don't like manual labor either - I prefer to be the "director" - lol! We are going to start landscaping...)