Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gee I wish the grass was green!

We have good friends visiting us right now from Cambridge (the first). Since there's not much touristy to do right now in the North Country, we've been exposing them to food-based treats like collecting sap and Glazier hot dogs. The second run of sap for us small-timers is in full swing. Temps are still low at night and up during the day, and our bucket doth runneth over. Oh -- You thought I was kidding about making our friends collect sap. Nope. "Hey, welcome! Put 'em to work!"
It's already been a very prolific syrup year for us, and the Husband is making good use of the sweet mapley goodness .... maple cream pie for Easter. Mmmmmmmm......... Life is good here in the North Country. Even without green grass.


Cedar ... said...

Our season for syrup has been great too,... my son made a lot more this year than recent years. Nothing better than the real stuff, is there? Enjoy that pie!

Shellmo said...

You really are teasing us w/ that maple syrup! LOL! Are you going to post that pie recipe? :-)

David + Caroline said...

Mmmmm, syrup. Mmmmm, Glaziers.