Sunday, March 30, 2014

In Which Anne is Useful

Hurrah!   I made myself useful up at The Log House yesterday!    Let's be frank:  there's not much I can do to be helpful, except sweep up sawdust and make proclamations.  So when The Hubs gives me a job I can actually accomplish, it's momentous.

Said Husband had to go un-stick the snowmobile from the sugarbush, where it had gotten mired in the deep and softening snow, and set me up with some polyurethane in the dining room.  Never having polyurethaned anything before, I am pretty pleased with the fact that I didn't even screw it up a little.  Because, to be honest, it was a distinct possibility.  



I think it warms up that wainscoting nicely, eh?

Let's just step around the corner and see what we can see...

Well, hellooooo  lovely lights!   Fancy meeting you here!   

You know -- even though I know that we have so much work left to do before we move into The Log House, it's finish details like these lights that just make my day.  It makes it feel that much closer to reality.  

Here's something else The Nonchalant Husband demonstrated -- as an afterthought -- yesterday: 

I am so inordinately happy about this, I feel a bit shy to admit the amount of squealing that took place.   This is the main floor bathroom, the one directly across from the guest bedroom. So it will be convenient for you when you visit.  You ARE coming to visit, aren't you?

So much progress!  And for once, I actually contributed more than squeals of delight.  Aw, yeah.


Sunflowerakb with the Yellow House said...

I will come visit. someday. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to visit :)

Great job painting the stuff and the kitchen lights are wonderful.

One thing I seem to have missed is a photo of your fireplace inside the house. The rock facing looks great outside. How does the inside look?

Best wishes,

Anne said...

@SunflowerAKB - YES!

@Joe - hmmm.... I will dig out a photo of the fireplace and inside of the chimney. It isn't faced yet inside, and there are many many long boards leaning against it now, so a current photo would not be enlightening at all... I'll see what I can do. =)

Anne said...

Joe! You got your own post. =) Check out the pix in my Flikr feed; it's the best I can do, I fear.

Janet said...

Wow, lights, stove, microwave and running water in your's looking more and more like home!