Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dark Schmark

*I* still like the dining room wall color, and interestingly opinion seems to be split along gender lines.  Either that or the womenfolk are too nice to say they hate it...

Here's a few shots with the second coat of paint  -- although I didn't wait for it to dry completely before photographing, so forgive the streaks:


No flash

No flash, near the window

So, whatcha think?  Bob still thinks it's too dark.  He also sneakily tried to hide the darker paint can and plopped the can of lighter blue paint on top of the table.  Sneaky!  But ineffective in the end, as I put that nice, rich, DARK second coat on this morning.

I love it!  and I think it will look great with natural-color wood wainscoting on the bottom.

Stay tuned for more debates in home decorating as we attempt to select tile for the master bathroom.



Anonymous said...

Luscious color!!

Sunflowerakb's Yellow House said...

I like it! and besides, paint is easily changed so if you get tired of it... you can always change it!