Friday, February 22, 2013

Bathroom floor

You'll recall that Bob and his friend and coworker John were cutting and prepping the master bathroom flooring a few days ago, right?   That's now completed, and I thought I'd drop in a few before and after shots.




I know that laying a small bit of linoleum isn't exciting, and it certainly isn't fancy as far as flooring goes, but it is, as I am wont to say, PROOOGRESSSS!!

The sink (around that back right corner) is the next thing to go in --  it's now in pieces on the bedroom floor awaiting its turn at installation.  The toilet (dead ahead over that hole in the floor) will wait until we're done tiling the tub surround (left).  The shower (right) also needs to be tiled, and all the trim needs to be done, of course....

But I'll take what I can get!


Anonymous said...

It is so neat to see it all come together. When is the move in date?

Anne said...

We have had many move-in dates come... and go.... =)

We really do hope to be in the house Fall 2013. But, we'll see. Stay tuned!