Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for most schools in the North Country, including the one our kids go to.  And today was the first day of Kindergarten for The Girl.

Princess Cranks-a-lot not wanting her picture taken on the first day of school.

When I got home from work today I asked her how her first day went....   which, apparently was great except for a huge fit of crying over a newly loose tooth, since "IT BLEEDED!!"  


I was just starting to handle my baby going to Kindergarten, and now she's going to lose a tooth too?   I'm not cut out for this parenthood stuff.  It's too rough.  Let me off the bus.

In other news, they tell me The Boy is now a 6th grader.  At least that's what it sounds like with my head buried in the sand.  



Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I really get a kick out of your humor. Sorry the little one is off. I have to say that is my favorite first day of school photo ever.

Anne said...

Aw, thanks, BBBB! =) We're all settled into the new year now, and even Mama is doing ok. =)