Friday, August 17, 2012


So Bob comes home two nights ago and tells me he thinks he's finally found the log we'll use as the post support for our dining room.  Great!  He says things like this all the time.  I milled up the boards for the ceiling... I found a bunch of cool new rocks for the chimney facing...  etc.  Even when it doesn't look like there's progress, he's always working, thinking, scouting out materials for our home.  Whattaguy.  But I digress.

He describes the log, how it grew all twisty and is visually interesting, which is cool... and then:    he tells me how he got it.  

When I say that The Hubs is building our log home from scratch with his two bare hands, I mean it.  It looks a bit deceiving, since it has a tar shingle roof and vinyl windows and some sheet-rocked walls... so... usual.   But, then he goes and does something like, oh, I don't know....   climb 60 feet in the air and cut off the top of a tree, and suddenly our house isn't so usual.

His father tried to take a picture of him up in the tree, but it was too far away for a cell phone pic and he was hidden by branches, and, frankly, it's better that I don't have that image in my head.

So, Bob wanted to get started on a project to convert his parents' carport into a bigger, better sugar house.  This will require felling several {very large} trees and pouring a new concrete slab before the ground freezes or snow falls.  Realizing that one of the trees was too tall to fell as is, he climbed up {like a monkey - with no climbing gear} to top it and make it more manageable to bring down.  When he got up there, he realized that it had grown with two rival trunks, one of which twisted around the other as it grew.  Cool, right?  So, instead of lopping off chunks at a time, he lopped off a 10 foot log to use in our home.  With a chainsaw.  60 feet in the air.  BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY.  

I must admit it's pretty cool-looking, though.  He somehow left both of our other vehicles up at The Lake yesterday, so I had to drive him to work this morning.  Benefit?  I got to see the log.  So now you get to see the log.

FIL Jim and Johnny measure the log 

I attempt to wake up enough to drive home and take a shower.  

Bob trims the log before setting it aside to dry

So, now I have both a twisted husband and a twisted log post to use in my new home.  It reminds me of the other times he's nearly given me a heart attack while building this house.

Crazy man.

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Anonymous said...

Bob's not crazy, he is just willing to do what lessor men will not, or would not think to do. Which is why I like him! :-)
We miss you guys
Rick in MD