Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My kind of fireworks

We had our annual Fourth of July celebration yesterday.... so, it was actually a 3rd of July picnic, but whatever.

The best thing about the day?  Well, aside from this:

Aunt Chrissy and The Girl relaxing on the dock

and this:

Flag fruit kebabs.  

and this:

Bob and The Troll  Aunt Chrissy in the ladderball tourney

and this:

The Hubs, Cousin Steve and the newest member of the extended family, little BabyA

and this:

Cousins and friends enjoying the day together

Was this:

A working bathroom sink.

That's as good as fireworks for me!

(And yes, Bob worked on our house the same day as our family 'do.  He's good like that.)

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