Saturday, March 31, 2012


Bob and his father have been wiring and drywalling fools this week!   No only are the walls of the Tardis shower up in the upstairs bathroom, but they've finished all the walls in the upstairs bathroom, and have started on the first floor bathroom walls!

Upstairs bathroom --  sink will go against far wall; laundry chute opening is at left, as are the fan/heater (missing its cover) and the built-in drawers (missing the... well, drawers).

Upstairs bathroom looking out into the master bedroom -- stall shower is at left, soaking tub is at right.

This is the first floor bathroom -- say goodbye to the logs!!   

Tub-Shower will be at left, linen closet to the right of the window and at the far right is the laundry chute,

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Anonymous said...

I found your wonderful blog today. It makes me want to:

1. Do a well-written blog.
2. Build my own house.

I have doubts about both.