Saturday, March 3, 2012

In which Anne feels like doing some laundry



Can't you just see dirty socks hurtling out of that laundry chute and into the waiting basket below?   Instead of hanging around on the floor for days until I get disgusted and go around muttering and picking them up and growling at the offending family members?     *Ahem*   Sorry about that.




Anonymous said...

I'll save my dirty laundry....tell me when

Anonymous said...

Are pix from top floor down?

Anne said...

@Anonymous: Yes, photos are from top floor down... the opening in the upstairs (master) bathroom, two shots of the chute as it passes through the first floor bathroom, and then the opening in the basement. The door in the first floor bathroom has not been cut yet; there will eventually be an opening there as well.

Rob said...

Hi Anne, I love the laundry chute, sure wish we had one. Now if you can figure out how to make the washed laundry go back up the chute I think you will really be on to something big!!!