Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sorry for the long gaps between posts, folks.   It's one of those tricky times when the house progress isn't particularly visually interesting or scintinllating to relate via blog...   so, while I can't offer pix of Bob firing up the wood boiler or shopping for single-piece shower units (riveting though those things are), I can demonstrate the ways in which The Husband has warped influenced our children. 

We visited some area museums the weekend before last as we were out and about doing Adventy-Christmas Prep things.   First we hit the Franklin County Historical & Museum Society's House of History annual Christmas Tea where The Boy cleaned out their bake sale.  Then we headed out to the Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder Association's Wilder Homestead for their "Christmas With Almanzo event."  

BabyM and Grandma 

After The Boy and BabyM hit the cookies and cider again, they listened to all of 5 seconds of the chapter of Farmer Boy being read aloud in the farmhouse before heading back outside ... 

...to the small grove of maple trees.   Hello!  Farmer Boy!   circa 1840s farmhouse?    anyone?  

Nope.  Hey, look:  trees!   Snow Geese flying overhead!   A dusting of snow on the ground!    

*sigh*   This history-loving momma's plans were roundly ignored.    They didn't even care about the crafts.   Still, I shouldn't complain --  at least they didn't try to re-enact the throwing of the stove-black brush in Almanzo's parlor. 

D'oh!  Now I've given them ideas!

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