Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Lake Lure

Well, he did it.  Bob lured me up to The Lake with that breathtaking picture yesterday morning. 

A colleague brought his track-hoe up to help dig a hole near the log house in an effort to improve the drainage in that spot, and soon after the kids and I arrived (with picnic lunch in hand) Bob was in the hole.

 After the hole was suitably deep, Bob carted rocks- large and small - to the hole and commenced filling it back in. 

But what I really wanted to show you was what a beautiful day it continued to be here in the North Country, and especially up at The Lake. 


Doesn't everyone have a huge pile of rocks on their lawn?  

So I guess The Hubs' sneaky plan worked.  We stayed up there and helped him for hours. 

"Helped" being used very loosely here.  Mostly I complained that it was colder than I'd anticipated and the brigands that I birthed shouted across the lake to hear the echo and begged for rides on the tractor. 

But, it was fun.  And then we came home and took naps.

The End.

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