Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friends, the Next Generation

But first, a gratuitous shot of the house:

 Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

It warmed my heart on Sunday, to watch The Boy (formerly known as 'Little G') and his friend Con-Man play up at The Lake.   They wandered and imagined and tasted hot syrup.  

The reason it warmed my heart is because 25 years ago, it was these two guys wandering and playing at The Lake:

 And now it's their sons.


"Uncle" Jamie and Con-Man spent the afternoon with us collecting sap and gabbing by the evaporator.  I asked Bob and Jamie if it warmed their hearts too, to see their sons playing together as they had years ago.

Apparently, that's a girl question, since it didn't really compute. 

Ah, well, I'm mushy enough for all of us.

Uncle Jamie and Baby M filling the sap collection tank

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