Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friendly visit

Our Japanese friends came to visit us this week.  Bob says they're not Japanese; I say that since they live in Japan, that makes them at least temporarily Japanese.  He says that using that logic, I was Scottish for 10 months back in 1995-96.  Exactly!   I'm glad he sees my logic.*

*(He doesn't see my logic.)

Anyway, these are old friends from when we lived in South Carolina and Merry-land.  Yes, both places!  Keep up.  They were in the country for a family wedding and swung by (6 hours out of their way) to see us.  We love them. 

We showed off the house progress (of course).   The last time they visited we only had about 4 courses of logs up.  Joanne's pushing for a climbing wall in the living room.  Ummm, no.

The boys laid out scrap wood trails through the house and had some sort of adventure...

 ... and stuck their hands in the lake and announced that it wasn't too cold and they might jump in. 

 Trust me.  It's too cold. 

And the girls wore matching party skirts and ran around outside.

Four days and 600 bottles of wine later, we said goodbye on Saturday and tried to think how fast a year or two will go by until we see them again.   Althouuuuugh...  they might just move to the North Country in another 4 or 5 years.  Good.   Cranky Anne could use more friends around me who remember my fun, younger self.  Hey!  There was a time....   

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Cedar ... said...

Anne, there are no friends like old friends,... I'm so glad that you enjoyed their visit.