Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bob the Builder's playground

While The Husband and I hashed out the new layout in the basement and he explained where walls will end and where doorways will be, the kids ran amok.  Well, not really 'amok,' but I like the look of that word.  And, truthfully, our children are quite wild.

They hammered nails into odds and ends of wood... right over our heads as we were in the basement.  They played hide and seek.  They dashed between wall studs pretending...  well, something I never could quite overhear enough of to understand.  I probably don't want to, frankly. 

And Baby M. expressed fear over the whatchamacallit saw:

So Daddy explained it all, very kindly, until she wriggled down and ran away to play.  Nice try, hon.

Little G. thought he might dash up and down the ladders --  until he got to the top and his inherited neuroses kicked in and he slowly backed down with shaky legs:

I can't tell if the kids' impatience and general craziness lengthened our decision-making conversation or if it cut it short.  Either way we all ran away a little frazzled.

And consoled ourselves with Pizza Hut.

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