Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's May Already?

May?  It's approaching the middle of MAY?  Seems like just yesterday we moved into The Log House, but it's been 4 1/2 months already.   And yet, I'm still as goofy happy about it as ever. 

The progress on the house is now just a bunch of little finish work.  Well, I say "little", but every new door knob sends me into a squealing squealer of squealingness.  We have doors on the downstairs bathroom and the kids' room/spare 'oom and the artic entry is in process of having its walls and ceiling finished.... see?
That brown is just the primer, but it's a lovely chocolate color in person, and I don't mind lookin' at it while waiting for the boards to be applied!
What else have we been up to this last wee while?   Well, a little of this:
Bob and Jim enveloped in a cloud of sweet steam from the evaporator, boiling down sap into maple syrup.
 and a little of that....

The menfolk splitting wood for next winter.  Already.

and cuteness....

  KITTENS!!!  Yes, we have two sweet kittens now -- who love to climb The Boy like he's there just for that reason.  And he loves it.

I can't get a very good angle of the arctic entry to show you the work as it goes on, but I'll squish myself into a corner and try to get some good shots as the board walls go up and the floor goes down.


Anonymous said...

So, it was April 8, 2013 that I inquired about buying some of your maple syrup. You kindly gave me your email address to get the details. And, shamefully, I never did it.

So here I am TWO YEARS later asking again if you sell it via mail. If the answer is affirmative, this year I will order some for sure.

I am loving these updates on your Log Home.


Anne said...

It pains me to say that it was a relatively poor syrup-making year for us, so we don't have any to sell. :( The sum total of production was 11 gallons. Which, in this extended family, is barely personal use amount. Heh. Maybe next year? *fingers crossed*
Thanks for sticking with us!