Thursday, April 26, 2012


All the wiring and hammering and plumbing and such has resulted in a lot of prrrogresssss!

Dining room light fixture... minus two light bulbs and the globes, of course

Spare 'oom closet light

First floor bathroom tub/shower

Master bath sink & vanity (with medicine cabinet sitting on top of it because I made Bob hold it in place to show me what it would look like and then I forgot to remove it for the picture.  Oops.)

FIL Jim going to town mudding the hall closet.  Woot!

Hall closet, with light!

All the drywall is up in the first floor bathroom now!!  


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! Impressive!!!! Great job, guys!!

Anonymous said...

what color will walls be in various rooms/closets?

Anne said...

@Anonymous2: ummm.... I don't know. Good question. Got any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Bob - an amazing job and what beautiful memories are being created for the family! When is the painting party starting?
- Love from Skaneateles.