Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is the Terminal Velocity of Dirty Socks?

We are going to have a LAUNDRY CHUTE!!   Isn't that awesome?!   Bob has reserved floor/ceiling and wall space for a chute to go from the master bath to the basement laundry room, with an opening in the first floor bathroom as well.  He spoke to our local sheet metal fabricator and ordered the actual chute itself yesterday!

{Here's a fun fact:   Bob and John SheetMetalGuy used to ride the school bus together when they were kids.  John is now in business with his father and Bob is now in business with his father.  I love small towns.}

But back to the laundry chute.  I've always wanted a laundry chute.  And a dumb-waiter.  But The Hubs says I can't have one of those.  I've also always wanted a secret passage behind a rotating bookshelf.  Hubs says I can't have that either.  Spoilsport.   But, one out of three ain't bad!  

Well, plus the whole house that he's building me.

Yeah, that.


Anonymous said...

Is the chute sized so Baby M can't be "chuted" by Brother G?

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I love it. We were going to make a laundry chute. I don't know why we didn't and I regret it. Glad you got it in.