Saturday, October 15, 2011

Final harvest

For some reason, I have the song "The Final Countdown" in my head. 

So, we trekked up to my father's garden today to help him with the Final Harvest.  ("Doodle-oo-doo... doodle-oot-doo-doo... doodle-oo-doo...")  Well, not quite FINAL final... there are some North Country palm trees still to come out of the garden:

Har-dee har har.  Sorry.  That's a little family joke.  My father is leaving the brussels sprouts* in a bit longer. 

But we helped harvest carrots, parsley, oregano, cabbage, and leeks today. 

The garden is looking a wee bit bare these days. 

After we filled up the trunk of the car with late-season produce, we stole a couple of the pumpkins that the kids helped Grandpa pick a week or two ago and piled them on top.   And then we pealed out of there with our swag! 

Thanks, Pop, for sharing another year of your gardening with us!

*(editor's note:  I have been informed that the correct name is "Brussels sprouts" vice "brussel sprouts."  My wordnerdiness has been trumped.  I have changed it to the correct version now.)

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