Monday, September 26, 2011

Pocket Doors and Joy

Now that we've married off my sister and everything is back to normal.... 

{yes it WAS a fabulous wedding, thank you for asking.}

{and yes we DO love her new husband.}

{and yes we ARE exhausted after the joyous events of this past weekend...}

... it's time for HOUSE PROGRESS!   

Well, after this:

and this:

NOW we're ready to talk logs again. 

This is the front wall of the master bedroom on the second floor (not a loft) from inside the room:

And this is the same wall from outside the room.  Plus, a little sunbeam action for you, too:

 Bob is staining the pocket doors that will go in the wall.... slowly but surely.  I can't wait to wake up and slide open those doors, ready to greet the morning. 

Hopefully I won't be blinded by that crazy sunbeam!  Yikes! 

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Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I love the bedroom. We left our loft open and even though it is pretty it isn't logical. If one of us get up early or goes to bed early the other has to tiptoe. Good thinking.