Friday, September 25, 2009


I have gone blithely through my life, a successful woman, content and confident in my word-nerdiness without knowing the word 'soffit.'  Until now.  Do YOU know what a soffit is? No. Don't answer that. Because if you are like 'DUH, Log Girl! Everyone knows what a SOFFIT is!' I'll feel dumb. (How's that for channeling 1986?) Like, whatever.

A soffit, for your information, is the ... well... covering sort of ... thing.. boards.  Erg.  I now bring you a word from our builder: "it's the boarding or paneling that covers up the underside of the roof that sticks out past the wall. If you didn't have soffiting, bats, bees and squirrels could fly or climb up your wall and get into your house through the underside of the roof."

Er- yeah. That. Thanks, honey.

This is what it looks like:

For you eagle-eyed kids, yes that is a gable end being filled in.  Thank you for asking.

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