Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Words, Grad School, Stomach Flu

--We now interrupt Log World to bring you an important word from our nerd--

I can't believe it's been a week and 1/2 since I last posted. But, last week was rather taken up with last minute grad school application details, including financial aid forms. But, that's done and now I wait. Unfortunately, I've got a stomach bug and am trying to get through my day's 'TO DO' list between waves of nausea and searing stomach cramps. So, if I'm a bit less than coherent, please be gentle in your ridicule.

I actually felt like posting last night, but the Husband was on our computer, so I filed away my delicious word and resolved to bring it out at next opportunity. And that word is: ...........


Isn't it beautiful? Knuckle under! Knuckle sandwich. Knucklehead. Knuckle down. Doesn't saying it just make you want to crook your arm and make a fist and twist your wrist once decisively? [go ahead -- try it -- I'll wait]

Knuckle is one of G's spelling words this week. Being Our Son, he's naturally a spelling genius. And, Being Us, we're glad he doesn't need practice each week, because we're awfully lazy and the poor lad would probably be woefully under-prepared for his Friday tests.

Knuckle. It has got me going now and I can't stop. Knut, onomatopoeia, allegory, limpid, pernicious, captivating, gnu, quadrangle.

Oh! Stomach.... ugh....... must.... ergh..... bye!


Brigid said...

defenestration. Best. Word. Ever.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Xylem... see I can do it, too. Albuquerque. (This post is SO you!)